Story demo reels designed to grow your speaking business.

"The first draft was so good I sent it out to a few companies right away!" Hannah Austin

"Our proven Speaker Demo Reels have helped launch hundreds of speakers into multi-million dollar speaking business. It's by far the most most powerful tool for any speaker."

Chris West, Video Narrative

The right speaker demo reel will:

  1. Tell your story
  2. Show your distinction
  3. Increase your bookings up to 6x
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After a decade in the video production industry, we partnered with VIDEO NARRATIVE, an industry powerhouse who since 2013 has exclusively served hundreds of world-renowned professional speakers.

We developed OUTSPEAK to bring our proven method of creating powerful speaker demo reels at an affordable price to aspiring speakers in weeks instead of months.

"The team at Outspeak and Video Narrative knows exactly what they’re doing. They gave me insights that helped me re-envision how I’m marketing my speaking."
Scott Dikkers
Comedian, Speaker, Founder of The Onion
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  1. Capture

    First, with the help of your Account Manager, you'll upload your assets and fill out a creative brief. Need an upcoming event filmed? We can help with that.

  2. Create

    Next, a senior editor will use your files to create a story-based speaker demo reel outline using the proven 7-figure Narrative Clarity Process.™

  3. Edit

    Then, we will add music, graphics and animation to create an emotionally engaging speaker reel, including several rounds of internal revisions with a creative director. Our team will collaborate with you through the revision process to get your video just right.

  4. Launch

    Finally, we will deliver your video assets along with a detailed Launch & Marketing Strategy. This step-by-step plan was developed over ten years building countless 7-figure brands. (It’s pretty great.)

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I share my files?

We will share a Dropbox link for all file uploads. You can also share your files with your favorite cloud sharing service or mail it in!

How long does the process take?

Great question. The short answer is that your RESPONSE TIME determines the length of each project.
After you have filled out your creative brief and uploaded your files, you will typically see a first review within 14 days. Depending on the speed of their feedback, clients usually receive final deliverables within a month of project start.

What assets are required to create an effective video?

Ideally, you can share some selection of the following with us: Keynote speaking footage, interview footage, b-roll, interviews, media / PR coverage, testimonials (written or video), brand guides / logo, headshots, book manuscripts.

*You do not have to have everything on this list: Keynote footage, written testimonials, logo and headshots are the most important.

*If you don’t have footage yet, we have video teams around the country who can help you film an upcoming event.

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