Crafting Unforgettable Narratives Through Video Mastery

At Outspeak, we believe in the power of stories. We understand that every speaker has a unique voice, a compelling narrative that deserves to be heard.

Growing Impact, Amplifying Voices

Behind every remarkable demo reel lies a deeper purpose. We are driven by the belief that your message has the potential to inspire, motivate, and leave a lasting impact. Our mission is to empower speakers like you by transforming your footage into a polished masterpiece that helps grow your business, and more importantly, grow your impact.

Powerhouses Combine Forces

What started as a university engineering project, turned into a patented, viral video camera mount and led to the creation of an adventure-focused video editing service loved by thousands. When Chris approached Andre and Marc, to partner on a new concept, it was love at first chat. Chris, an industry authority, pioneered demo reels for top speakers. Within days, Outspeak was born. Our goal? Utilize Chris’s proven video formula that’s created hundreds of 7-figure speaking brands and combine it with the efficiency of Spivo’s video operations to deliver high-quality demo reels in weeks, not months.

Chris West, Tasha Reischneider, Andre Bellerive, and Marc Bjerring

From left to right: Chris West and Tasha Reischneider (Video Narrative), Andre Bellerive and Marc Bjerring (Spivo)

Seamless Experience: On-time & Budget  

Your demo reel is more than just a collection of clips – it's a reflection of your brand, your personality, and your message. With meticulous attention to detail, cutting-edge technology, and a touch of artistry, we ensure that every frame speaks volumes.


We strive for nothing short of excellence in every project. Typos make our blood boil.


Our motto is “If you’re not 5 mins early, you’re late”. Due dates are the law, and we oblige.


Success is measured not just by the visuals, but by your demo reel's impact. It’s time to share your story.

We are not just storytellers. We are your partners in success.

Let us turn your moments into a masterpiece that transcends time and leaves a lasting imprint on the hearts and minds of your audience.

Crafting Unforgettable Narratives. Elevating Speakers.