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Most Frequently Asked Questions

How it works

How do I share my files?

We will share a Dropbox link for all file uploads. You can also share your files with your favorite cloud sharing service.

How long does the process take?

Great question. And the short answer is that your response time determines the length of each project.
After you have filled out your Creative Brief and uploaded your files, you will see a first draft within 14 days. Depending on the speed of your feedback, clients usually receive final deliverables within 3 to 4 weeks of project start.

How many revisions do I get?


First Review
Second Review
Final Delivery

If you require additional revisions, small change fees may apply.

What if I don’t like my video?

We do our best to deliver an amazing first draft every time. Occasionally, it misses the mark. During the review process, you will have multiple opportunities to voice any concerns you may have, changes you’d like to make, share feedback, etc.
Our goal is to ensure you have a video you love by the end of the reviews.

What should I do with my life?

Do good. Spread love.

What are the specific deliverables?

You will receive a link to your DropBox folder, containing:

  • Video thumbnail
  • Two mp4 video files (one with and one without your bureaus contact details) of your final videos
  • Your Launch & Marketing Plan
  • Keynote Videography Guide
Are my files and IP secure?

Yes. We use Dropbox and Google Drive to encrypt and encode and encapsulate and enrapture your video footage, photos and files. Your secrets are safe with us. ;)

What you'll need

What assets are required to create an effective video?

Ideally, you can share some selection of the following with us: keynote speaking footage, interview footage, b-roll, interviews, media / PR coverage, testimonials (written or video), brand guides / logo, headshots, book manuscripts.

*You do not have to have everything on this list: keynote footage, written testimonials, logo and headshots are the most important.

*If you don’t have footage yet, we have video teams around the country who can help you film an upcoming event or you can get attend one of our Stage Days.

How much footage is too much?

No footage is too much. We want everything you’ve got.

Do I need an established brand to create a video?

Yes and no.

You will need at least 1 filmed keynote, a logo and a few testimonials. If you are interested in brand messaging and clarity work, please reach out to us, we’re happy to set up a conversation around this deep-dive work.

Can I make special requests or notes?

Yes! On your Creative Brief and during each revision process, you are welcome to make requests and notes on the video edit. If you’d like to make requests before the edit begins, please reach out to us at

Here's what we promise

You will have the right kind of video and a step-by-step plan to use this video to grow your speaking business. If you are dedicated to the work, you will see results.

Is this worth the investment?

When the Launch & Marketing Plan is followed and the client sets a clear intention, we’ve seen clients use this video as the foundation of their speaking business for 2-3 years.
You can trust this is well-worth the investment.

What results can I expect from this process?

Results vary from client to client, based on their goals and actions.

Will you solve all my problems?

Great question! Probably not, but let’s circle back.

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